André Burgaud

Software engineer passionate about technology, security, and programming languages, in particular Python.

Path Too Long

Overcome "path too long" issues on Windows

Over the last couple of years, I faced a Windows issue preventing me to delete directories or files with paths exceeding a certain size. Using the default Windows tools such as DEL, RMDIR, or Windows Explorer, resulted in errors The directory name ... is too long or The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system.

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Fold Left and Right in Python

Implementing foldl and foldr in Python

Python exposes a number of built-in functions enriched with a plethora of modules composing The Python Standard Library. It is a pragmatic language that does not confine the developer in a specific programming paradigm. A Python developer can write imperative, procedural, object oriented or functional code. In Python, common functional constructs are available as built-in functions (e.g. map, filter, all, any, sum…). Additional higher-order functions are regrouped in the functools module (e.g. reduce, partial…). Prior to crafting some Python code, let’s take a detour in some potentially more arcane areas of functional programming, in particular surrounding the fold concepts.

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