Sporadic Technical Rambling

Testing Java with Jython and PyUnit

Reading time: 10 minutes
python java jython testing

JUnit, the unit test framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck, is not the only alternative for unit testing in the Java environment. This article provides a simple demonstration on how to use Jython, PyUnit and Ant to unit test a Java project.

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Burgaud.com 6.0

Reading time: 4 minutes
cms web wordpress

Burgaud.com 6.0 is now available. After debating and testing different CMS's (Content Management Systems) over the last few months I finally decided to deploy Burgaud.com 6.0 using WordPress. This is also the occasion to look back at the different versions of Burgaud.com since since 1999.

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SciTE Java API

Reading time: 6 minutes
editor scite java beanshell scintilla

SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor) supports API and Keyword files to customize some aspects of the editor for a given programming language. Keywords files extend the highlighting of source code files (i.e. Class names in Java), and API files allow to displays calltips, basic form of the popular Microsoft Intellisense®. The BeanShell script, SciteJavaApi.bsh, generates both the Java API and the Keyword files for your current Java Runtime Environment.

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Javadoc To CHM

Reading time: 3 minutes
python java help tool

Javadoc To CHM is a Python tool that generates Microsoft HTML Help projects files from a Javadoc documentation. It generates the project file (.HHP), the contents file (.HHC) and the index file (.HHK). After having generated the HTML project files, Jd2chm invokes the Microsoft HTML Help Compiler (hhc.exe) with the project file (.HHP) as parameter in order to build the Compiled HTML file (.CHM).

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SciTE Context Menu Extension

Reading time: 4 minutes
windows tool editor scite scintilla

Windows SciTE Context Menu (WSciTEcm) is a context menu handler that gives the ability, on Windows, to quickly open selected files with the source code editor SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor) in Windows Explorer.

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